BMW M5 and M8 - Coolant Catch Pan (CCP) Installation

BMW M5 and M8 - Coolant Catch Pan (CCP) Installation

The BMW M5 F90 and M8 have a very bad habit - they damage and corrode their fuel injectors with coolant.

The coolant tanks in F90 M5 / F9X M8 platforms often leak due to a design flaw. Two main reasons contribute to this:

    - The plastic tank is positioned above the engine's hottest part, the catalytic converters.

    - Over time, the plastic becomes brittle from exposure to both coolant and extreme heat.

Injectors after contact with coolantInjectors after contact with coolant All this wouldn’t be a huge issue if not for two BUTs:

 - The coolant from the tank flows directly into the cylinder head, damaging the injectors and other ignition parts

- Coolant turns the plastic body of the injector into a sponge, and then destroys the copper conductor.

Plastic injector body under a microscope. Coolant corrodes the plastic of the injector body down to the copper conductor, causing its operation to malfunction. 

And then the magic of phased direct injection begins to disappear - the car runs poorly, has rough idle, stalls and shows drivetrain malfunction over time.

BMW M5 F90 coolant tank equipped with LEVEL performance coolant catch pan. 

Meet the king pan, the coolant catch-savior!

It will take the trouble away from your injectors. And from the your wallet - extra expenses.

 At LEVEL Performance we have our own tradition - finding weak spots in perfect cars and making these cars even more perfect!

Our engineering department has designed and developed a ton of BMW parts, all of which are worthy of being there from the factory.

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