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Coolant Catch Pan (CCP) F90 M5 / F9X M8

Coolant Catch Pan (CCP) F90 M5 / F9X M8

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Leaking coolant tank is truly an Achilles heel of F90 M5 / F9X M8 platforms: 

When the coolant tank in your F90 M5 or F9X M8 begins to leak, the CCP is a lifesaver.

Leak Prevention: If the coolant tank leaks, the CCP catches and channels the leaking coolant away from the engine. This protects your ignition parts, allowing any excess coolant to drip onto the ground through your vehicle frame rail.

 The Issue with the Current Design: The coolant tanks in F90 M5 / F9X M8 platforms often leak due to a design flaw. Two main reasons contribute to this:

    - The plastic tank is positioned above the engine's hottest part, the catalytic converters.

    - Over time, the plastic becomes brittle from exposure to both coolant and extreme heat.

Potential Damages: A leaking coolant tank can harm your coils and injectors, leading to problems like rough idling, misfires, limp mode, and drivetrain malfunction. This is particularly problematic for cylinders 8/6/7 as the coolant tank sits directly above them. Should coolant contact the ignition parts, replacements are costly. For instance, a single injector costs $400 without including labor. In extreme cases, coolant may seep into cylinders due to loose spark plugs, risking hydrolock or water damage to your engine.

Note on LCI/Updated Parts: Even the updated parts exhibit the same problem. However, models like X5M/X6M with the same engine are exempt from this issue. Their coolant tank is located next to the driver side headlight, shielded from excessive heat.

Benefits of the CCP:

    - Mounts below the coolant tank of F90 M5 / F9X M8
    - Safeguards your coils, injectors, and engine from coolant-related damages
    - Doubles as a heat shield for the coolant tank. It's crafted from heat-resistant reinforced nylon, which boasts double the heat resistance of standard ABS plastic, enhancing the tank's lifespan.

Installation: The CCP package includes all necessary mounting hardware and installation guidelines, making the process straightforward.

NOTE: Currently fits all North American models and European vehicles meeting up to EU6c Emissions Standards (prior to January 2021). Does NOT fit Euro models meeting EU6d with RDE Level 2 standard.

  • Does fit vehicles using Coolant Expansion Tank Part #s:
    • 17138090271
    • 17137889450
  • Does NOT fit vehicles using Coolant Expansion Tank Part #s:
    • 17138747467
    • 17137889451


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